Something New:

Kevin R Kosar
1 min readJan 3, 2024


This new site has just soft-launched. What’s it about?

In short, aims to explain the what, why, and how of Congress. There you will find information on:

  • directions on how to see what bills are being considered and passed by Congress;
  • how the budget process works (and fails);
  • data on the funding and resources of Congress;
  • analyses of Congress’s interactions with the executive and judicial branches;
  • information on and recommendations to reform Congress; and
  • lots more.

Why should anyone care about Congress?

Because it is the center of our consitutional system or representative government. Congress is the only branch built to work through our diverse nation’s disagreements and seek consensus. To have a nation of laws we need to have a national legislature that leads on policymaking (rather than letting the executive and courts make policy on the fly.)

My hope is that the site will be of use to every one of you, whether you are a high school or college student, a member of the media, a person in the advocacy or policy worlds, or a citizen who wants to better understand how Capitol Hill works (and fails).

Please have a look!



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